P1Million is yours to win….just pay your (sales) taxes

Are you one of those people who is sick and tired of paying taxes? Well, like Lotto, you now have a chance to get it back. The BIR and PAGCOR-sponsored Premyo Sa Resibo offers five P1 million every weekly draw or five winners of P1 million each, tax free.Draw dates are August 1 (for qualified receipts dated June 1 to July 31, 2006), August 8 (for qualified receipts dated August 1 to 7, 2006), and August 15 (for qualified receipts dated August 8 to 14, 2006). Succeeding draws will be held weekly thereafter.

The format to join the raffle through texting is as follows:

1. Text the keyword, the Tax Identification Number printed on the receipt issued by the merchant, the receipt number, and the amount.


2. Send the message to 9777

If the text message meets the requirements, a confirmation message with the raffle entry number will be sent back to the texter. Texters are advised to write the entry number at the back of their receipt.

Winners will be notified via phone call from Premyo sa Resibo hotline 338-9777 on his/her cell phone. Claimants must bring the original copy of their receipt(s) and two photo-bearing IDs.

Interested parties may call (02)3389777 or text PSRHelp to 9777. Information is also available at www.premyosaresibo.com.ph or www.bir.gov.ph.

We need the Money Mammals

As a mother to a 3-year old, I find myself having to consciously fight the bilmoko mentality. We want the very best for our children but at what cost? I came across a wonderful website called The Money Mammals. Created by US-based Snigglezoo Entertainment, its goal is to teach children from the ages 2-6 to “share and save and spend smart, too”. Why? Because you can help your kids BEFORE you need to go on THE DEBT DIET.
Consider these insights garnered from the website:
  • Kids are voracious consumers; they need protection against the forces of consumerism…
  • Marketing is so pervasive that there’s almost no place where something isn’t being sold to our children…
  • Most parents feel they don’t set a good example for their children when it comes to handling money….
  • Parents also view kids as feeling “entitled” to have whatever it is they want whenever they want it.
  • The desire to save is becoming extinct…lack of financial education has helped drive consumerism.

All to often, we learn of stories of OFWs whose hard-earned money is wasted away by their families on useless possessions. We need to start teaching our children the value of money. Are there programs / organizations similar to Snigglezoo which cater to the Philippine audience?

Cebu Pacific goes back to Singapore!

Cebu Pacific (CEB) will resume service to Singapore daily starting August 31, 2006, as part of its regional expansion program, with promotional fares as low as P 1,499 one-way.
CEB will launch its Manila-Singapore leg with a seat sale of only P1,499 one-way, a price cut of more than 64% from the current airfare to Singapore. The promo is exclusive of surcharges and taxes and will run from July 20 to 26, 2006. Travel date is from August 31 to October 19, 2006. The best way to get tickets for the seat sale is through the CEB website (www.cebupacificair.com).
After the Seat Sale, the permanent ‘Go’ fares to Singapore will start at P 2,499 one-way. Still 41% lower than the current lowest fare to Singapore. The ‘Go’ fares are exclusive of surcharges and government taxes.

Frugal Me This

Budgeting and cost cutting are the banes of my life. I’d be the first to admit that I like my creature comforts and it hurts when I have to pass on the tall macchiato or cute bag or bestselling book or…. well, you get the picture.

In my quest to balance our books, I’ve been trawling through the net searching for tips on how to cut corners without feeling the pain too much. I found Mecca in the form of Frugal for Life.

Some of the tips are very practical. I especially like one of the more recent posts entitled: 10 Fashion Tips for the Newbie Fashionista. Now if I could only bring myself to skip the ongoing sale at Zara and Mango…..

There are actually quite a few websites and mailing lists whose aim is to get us started on the road to financial freedom. Some are better than others:
1. David Bach’s Automatic Millionaire
2. Robert Kiyosaki’s Why the Rich Get Richer
3. Efren Cruz’ discussion group for readers of Pwede Na! The Complete Pinoy Guide to Personal Finance.

As for me, I’m trying my best to stay away from temptation (after I rewarded myself with a gift – a Canon S3IS). I’ll let you know a few months from now if it’s worked.

Baby Couture Diaper Bags

I’m a proud owner of a Baby couture Diaper bag. No, I’m not pregnant (but am about to start training to be). The brainchild of Rea Uyco and family, these bags are a godsend for both Pinay working moms and kikay moms. I initially bought a few as shower gifts for friends and officemates but then quickly realized that the spacious bags with multiple inside pockets would also help me in my neverending quest to organize. I quickly snapped up a brown & pink Sydney for weekend shopping and a sophisticated black & white Madeline for the gym. I absolutely LOVE my Madeline bag! It sure beats walking down Ayala Ave to Fitness First in full business battle gear with a knapsack on my back. =)Since the bag collection is still in its infancy (a walk-in store is in the works), the color choices and designs are fairly limited. But with a price range of P460 to P770 and relative exclusivity, who’s complaining? The bags are currently being sold by orders only. You may view them through the website and contact Rea at miloku2003@yahoo.com.au for pricing and delivery options. The last time I checked, delivery of 4 bags or more was free so it pays to pool.