We need the Money Mammals

As a mother to a 3-year old, I find myself having to consciously fight the bilmoko mentality. We want the very best for our children but at what cost? I came across a wonderful website called The Money Mammals. Created by US-based Snigglezoo Entertainment, its goal is to teach children from the ages 2-6 to “share and save and spend smart, too”. Why? Because you can help your kids BEFORE you need to go on THE DEBT DIET.
Consider these insights garnered from the website:
  • Kids are voracious consumers; they need protection against the forces of consumerism…
  • Marketing is so pervasive that there’s almost no place where something isn’t being sold to our children…
  • Most parents feel they don’t set a good example for their children when it comes to handling money….
  • Parents also view kids as feeling “entitled” to have whatever it is they want whenever they want it.
  • The desire to save is becoming extinct…lack of financial education has helped drive consumerism.

All to often, we learn of stories of OFWs whose hard-earned money is wasted away by their families on useless possessions. We need to start teaching our children the value of money. Are there programs / organizations similar to Snigglezoo which cater to the Philippine audience?


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