Breastfeeding Week: August 1-7

What is Children for Breastfeeding?The organization aims to….
· Preserve the Filipino indigenous way of nurturing our children guided by a deep respect for life and the environment.
· Mobilize parent and children advocates and other sectors of the society to promote, support and protect breastfeeding through the *Seven Acts of Kindness to Support Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers.*
· Revive indigenous healthcare and nurturing practices like cooperative or shared nursing and the use of baby slings, strengthen family and community support and other traditional practices that sustained breastfeeding in the past.
* *
· Initiated the Presidential Proclamation of the annual celebration of World Breastfeeding Week from August 1-7, 2006 in Malacanang, the official residence of the Philippine President last August 2005.
· Established the First Breastfeeding-friendly Mall in the Philippines with SM SuperMalls that will put up Breastfeeding Stations in all SM Malls throughout the country within this year.
· Official Guinness World Record on Simultaneous Breastfeeding that mobilized 3,541mothers with the City of Manila.
· Established the first Breastfeeding Clinic in a Private Hospital in the Philippines
· Conducted trainings on Infant and Young Child Feeding and Care

Our organization, seeks to mobilize children to promote earth-friendly parenting through the Seven Acts of Kindness to Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mothers.

The Seven Acts of Kindness:
1. Represents the issues that breastfeeding addresses.
2. Develops respect for life in the womb and instill in children the value of breastfeeding.
3. Revives indigenous healthcare and nurturing practices that sustained breastfeeding in the past.
4. Provides support and inspiration all women need in these crucial stages of motherhood.
5. Develops social consciousness and social responsibility by guiding children on how they can help in their own little way.

Download: The Seven Acts of Kindness:
A PowerPoint Presentation

Suggestion: Please attach a native lullaby while you are playing the presentation.

The Seven Acts of Kindness was conceptualized by two breastfeeding advocates Elvira L. Henares-Esguerra, MD, FPDS, RPh, IBCLC and Director, Children for Breastfeeding and Nona D. Andaya-Castillo, IBCLC and Director, Nurturers of the Earth, two of the only three Filipinos who are International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). They have observed that parents are unaware of the risks of bottle-feeding and even if they are made aware of it, many will resort to mixed feeding and consequently, full bottle-feeding.

Alarmed by the realization that the bottle-feeding culture is so deeply ingrained, they saw the need to educate children, the future generation of parents on the superiority of breastfeeding. The exposure of children to mothers who breastfeed will help them internalize that breastfeeding is the norm. A concrete example is when children breastfeed their dolls when they see their mothers breastfeed. Hopefully, this will instill in their young minds that breastfeeding is the most natural and beautiful way of nurturing, when they become parents themselves.

For more information on breastfeeding and the hazards of cow’s milk, visit the following websites:

For more information on WBW activities and downloadable materials, please visit:

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