LPG Car Conversions: Good for the Pocket and the Environment Too

With oil prices reaching the stratosphere, consumers everywhere are looking for new ways and means to tighten their belts. Our cities are slowly being smothered with smog, the price we pay for the large number of cars which ply the roads each day. Is there a solution to the problems affecting our health and wealth?

One viable alternative which many fleet operators and taxis have embraced is LPG conversion. Consider these bits of trivia:

  • LPG is practically half the price of diesel and fuel.
  • The chemical nature of the fuel (over a 100 octane rating) ensures a cleaner burn, producing less pollution. It also reduces engine wear.
  • Modern LPG conversions suffer no noticeable loss of performance. Engines will run smoother and be slightly quieter.

There are already a number of LPG filling stations in the metropolis. Among them is Petron’s Xtend Autogas which is available in Barangay Ugong, Pasig City, Sen. and Makati City.

Interested? What to know more?

AmbiEnergy Enterprises, Inc. is one of the pioneers in the distribution, sale, installation and service of high quality LPG kits for automobiles. It has become the standard by which all LPG kit suppliers in the Philippines follow.

Its list of clients include Basic Taxi (Basic Transport Management Corp), Dollar Taxi, Ninestar, Sturdy, Pilipinas Shell, Petronas Energy Phils., Eastern Petroleum, Nissan Gallery Ortigas, Nissan Gallery Quezon Ave and Ford Global City. Aside from corporate clients, the company also entertains individuals.

To get more information on LPG Conversion, contact Kuki Buencamino or Jere Fregil at
AmbiEnergy Enterprises, Inc.

Mobile: +63917 898AMBI
Mobile: +63920 9275988
Telefax: +632 4127100


2 Responses

  1. is it possible to convert from gas to lpg my ( 85 hp yamaha

    2 stroke speedboat engine)My contact number is 0920 2305098


    ben manongsong

  2. Dear Sir/ Madam

    Could you email to me an estimate of converting a V8 land rover discovery to LPG.
    Please add the installation cost.
    Does your company also offer a guarantee/warantee?
    I am from antipolo, rizal

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