Investing Basics

*Disclaimer: I haven’t taken the course myself but it sure looks interesting. =) *

The National Association of Online Investors — in cooperation with Phillips InvestorPlace Institute — presents a special FREE course on Investing Basics.

Course Parts:
Part 1: Beginning Your Journey Toward Confident InvestingPart 2: Understanding the Basics of InvestingPart 3: Creating Your Unique Investing PlanPart 4: Designing Your Portfolio

Presented clearly and concisely, Investing Basics and Creating Your Unique Plan gives a strong foundation of investing knowledge, then walks participants through a step-by-step process for setting investing goals and guides them through creating a comprehensive Investing Plan.
Topics discussed include:
Four building blocks for a wealth-producing portfolio
The keys to identifying winning investing opportunities
Three types of risk most financial advisors never discuss
How to set up and monitor your own portfolio
How economy affects your portfolio
24-hour online access to your investing plan tool kit
The pros and cons of mutual fund investing
Model investing plans for Retirement, College Savings and New Home Down Payment
Ways to leverage different asset “classes” to make money in good times and bad…
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