St. Luke’s: Great Expectations Package

[from Manila Bulletin]

St Luke’s recently launched it’s “Great Expectations Package” for expectant moms.
For expectant mothers who will be undergoing uncomplicated normal spontaneous delivery, the Great Expectations Package (GEP) offers a two-day ward room stay with the package cost varying according to the following categories: a) under General Anesthesia with rooming-in P40,000; b) under General Anesthesia without rooming-in P41,000; c) under Spinal Anesthesia with rooming-in: P40,000; d) under Spinal Anesthesia without rooming-in: P41,000; e) under Epidural Anesthesia with rooming-in P48,000; f) under Epidural Anesthesia without rooming-in P49,000; and, g) Lamaze Delivery with rooming-in P36,000.Besides the two-day room and board, the Great Expectations Package also includes: a) service for a maximum of 20 hours labor period; b) three-hour recovery period at the Recovery Room; c) nursery accommodation for up to two days; d) medicines and supplies related to normal delivery starting labor up to the 2nd day; e) Hepatitis B Vaccine, Newborn Screening and the use of Otoacoustic Emission (OAE); and professional fees for the obstetrician, anesthesiologist and pediatrician.

“The Great Expectations Package recognizes the predicament of many Filipino mothers who may want nothing less than the best for their newborn, but fear that they may not be able to afford it. This package assures them that the services we provide are well within their reach, and they do get value for every hard-earned peso,” said Dr. Marietta Sapaula, St. Luke’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Chairman.

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