Are you an ‘extreme worker’?

Do you know someone to exhibits these signs?
— Long work weeks — put in over 70 hours a week on the job
— Are available to serve clients and deal with their emergencies at any time of the day or night.
— Little time off. Take 10 or fewer vacations per year, far fewer than they are entitled to.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett, recently wrote an article in the Harvard Business Review about the rise of the “extreme worker”. Increased competition for high-level positions and declining job security has encouraged excessive work. The image of the overachiever has been glamorized and the financial rewards have been great. As has been the fallout in their personal lives.

We live in a world which celebrates the extreme.. from extreme sports to extreme reality shows. There is little room for moderation.

I don’t know if that is the American way of life which has insiduously seeped into our own culture. I look at envy at the Europeans who have such joie de vivre.. and take their month long vacations seriously. Laura Stack said it best: Overwork is not a competition worth winning.


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