Trimming Expenses

Now that Christmas is just around the corner (and hopefully the shopping list has been accomplished), it’s time to make lists for the New Year. Let’s count the ways in which we can save on a few more pesos.
  1. Pay cash whenever possible. Psychologically, it’s harder to spend cash than use plastic.
  2. Research before travelling. There is a wealth of knowledge AND bargains to be found online.
  3. Plan your purchases. Don’t buy on an impulse. Patience is a virtue. If you see something you like in a store, chances are that it will be included in one of the many midnight madness sales which come at least once a quarter. Why pay full price when you can get it for 20% off? =)
  4. Open a separate savings account (preferably one of the higher interest money market accounts) for big-ticket items such as appliances, travel, or house.
  5. Use a budget, especially for gifts.
  6. Track your spending on paper. If you write it all down, you’ll probably spend less.
  7. Ask if there are discounts (before ordering in restaurants or checking out at the counter). You’d be suprised at the number of freebies you can get in restaurants if only you ask.
  8. Quit the cigarettes and the booze.
  9. Save all your change and use it to buy gifts next year.
  10. Have pot-luck dinners. Rotate the hosting.
  11. Have semi-annual garage sales. If you haven’t used it in over a year, chances are you won’t use it in the years to come.
  12. Only use ATMS where you won’t be charged service fees.
  13. With the rising cost of oil, look at fuel-efficient cars when considering your next purchase.
  14. Pay off your credit cards monthly and avoid paying interest.
  15. Take advantage of your company benefits — take that annual medical/dental exam. Health is wealth.
  16. Buy term instead of whole life or universal life insurance.
  17. Take advantage of VOIP for your long distance calls.
  18. Cut back on eating out.
  19. Buy energy-efficience appliances. They’re cheaper in the long run.
  20. Keep up maintenance on cars. It may prevent costly future problems.
  21. Pay your bills online. Check out the online bills payment facility of bancnet.
  22. Buy an e-pass or EC Tag. It will save you time and remember, time is money.
  23. Brown bag it or scout out the inexpensive place to buy lunch.
  24. Do you REALLY need that capuccino? =)

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