Create a Healthy Lifestyle for YOU!

On the day that we returned from Tacloban, I broke out in hives and my nose turned into a tap. Definitely not a pretty sight. This was my sign, my lightbulb moment, if you will.

My life is intolerably full of toxins, where it comes from the polluted air to the polluted politics. I can’t do much about the poisons outside, aside from stocking up on air purifiers but I can do something about the poisons within. Mariel Hemingway has recently released a book which is a god-send: Healthy Living from the Inside Out.

It is a book which is easily read and internalized: the sections are divided into manageable bites. I particularly like the section about silence. Silence is an important part of personal healing and yet it is something most people find difficult to achieve. Sitting quietly is not a waste of time — it’s a healing time, even it nothing fantastic happens.

So excuse me for a bit while I got off, dust off a couple of candles and look for a sacred space.


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