MoneySense: Makes Sense!

There are so many magazines out there which help you spend your money: from lifestyle magazines to shopping magazines. There are also those which foster the entrepreneurial spirit. However, there are very few publications which write about personal finance addressed to ordinary human beings like you and me who are struggling to pay the bills and do not have the funds to manage a business or extensive stock portfolio.

Personal finance is not rocketscience but many people treat it like they would their dentist: with reluctant trepidation. A new magazine was launched this month called Money Sense which will hopefully allay their fears. Its tagline: Save, spend, and invest wisely.

The articles are well-written (read: easy to comprehend) and downright sensible, filled with a lot of practical tips and expert advise. I hope that it maintains its objective tone in succeeding issues. We need an objective financial advisor to steer us through the quagmire that is the financial condition of most Filipinos.

Issues are available at National Bookstore. Cover price is P120. For subscription inquiries, you may call 339-3361 or email


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