Happy Homes, Smart Kids

Working Mom is one of the better magazines in the market with well-written articles by working moms such as Maribel Sison Dionisio and Queena Lee-Chua. This April’s issue had a very insightful piece about which factors contribute to student success written by Queena. What makes students excel? Through the joint efforts of family unit. Learning starts at home and parents are the key to success.Recommendations of the Parent’s Best Practices Study (Ateneo de Manila High School)
· Develop good study habits
· Create a conducive environment for study
· Communicate regularly and well
· Encourage love for reading and judicious multimedia use
· Ensure solid grounding in the fundamentals
· Emphasize effort more than ability
· Promote genuine self-worth
· Discipline with love
· Set personal, academic, and life goals
· Be there for the family

Recommendations of the 2006 Study focusing on Marikina and Bulacan public high schools:
· Discipline to instruct, not punish
· Set goals, for wishes are not enough
· Rely on ourselves, not on fate
· Strengthen family bonds
· Make the home fit for learning

It comes as no surprise that children raised in loving and supportive home-learning environments have been found to do better in school. Parenting is not an easy task but we need to take it seriously for our children’s mental and emotional well-being.


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