Honor Thy Father and Mother

I’m giving my father honor and paying this country back.
— Jun Lozada

Among all the quotable quotes made by Jun Lozada yesterday, this one struck the deepest chord.  When I heard him say this,  I cried – admittedly not a very good picture to present to my officemates.

We are brought up to honor our parents through filial piety — which most children (and parents) believe to be through complete obedience and loyalty.  In our culture, the umbilical cord between parent and child remains metaphorically attached until death (and sometimes even beyond the grave).  Choice of school… choice of career path… choice of employer… to a certain extent choice of spouse… is often dictated, or at the very least strongly influenced, by the parental bias.  When one chooses to break away and do something out of the norm,  one is often accused to having “walang utang na loob” to the parent figure.

We often forget that blind obedience can also mean doing wrong.  The sins of the father should not be committed by the son.

My fervent wish as a parent is for my son to grow up with a strong backbone and accurate moral compass.  I may not always agree with his choices but I pray that they be made in wisdom and good fath.  I also pray that I may accept them for what they are and let him live his life.  =)

Jun Lozada’s father must be smiling down on him.

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials. ~Meryl Streep

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3 Responses

  1. thank you for sharing this with us.

    as a daughter, his words did brought me into tears, tears of joy, inspiration, and trust – there are Filipinos that are willing to risk one’s life for the greater good.

    Giving something back to this country is…
    giving something back to my family…
    to my father, to my mother.

    in this too, there we see A FILIPINO.

  2. what else can i say. his testimony made me wept. i’m praying that this noble act will lead somewhere.

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