We Are What We Do… Start the Change You Want to See

I see them everywhere.. the ubiquitous “I’m not a plastic bag” bags which  have become such a rage that they are being sold for hundreds of dollars on ebay and mass marketed by pirates.

Did you know where they came from and what they stand for?  The Anya Hindmarch bags were just one of the many initiatives of We Are What We Do, the global social change movement which originated in the United Kingdom and is quickly catching on around the world.  The movement has provided a quick list of actions which represent a simple way in which we can all make a difference to some of the biggest problems facing the world: climate change, poverty, crime, mental illness, community breakdown etc.

The simple and very doable actions range from “smile and smile back” to “recycle your cellphone” to “plant a tree”…

We Are What We Do….


In the Philippine context and in keeping with the Spirit of Edsa (I), I would add:

Be the Change I Want to See.

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Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials. ~Meryl Streep

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