Wow!!! New UC Irvine Law School Hopes To Attract Best & Brightest with Promise of Free Tuition

Education is big business.  Parents are prepared to do anything just to get their children to the “best” schools,  regardless of the cost.    A school’s reputation is priceless.  But what if the school does not have an established “rep” backed by a proven success record?  UC Irvine thinks it has the key:  it is offering three years of free tuition to their first class of students to the new law school set to open in fall 2009.  The goal?  To become a top-20 law school—the first time they are ranked.  In order to do this they are offering full scholarships to all 60 members of its inaugural 2009 class.   Take note:  They are looking for Ivy League-caliber students. 


UC Irvine Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky believes that free education, a public interest curriculum, and being part of the University of California education system (a system that boasts top schools such as Berkeley) will fill this first class and push his new law school to an A-grade.  Chemerinsky has already hired 19 law professors and administrators, including some who are abandoning jobs at prestigious universities. The school hopes to eventually enroll 600 students and employ 40 to 50 professors.


During a recession, offering free tuition is pretty smart.  I can’t help but ask…  What do you think of UC Irvine’s strategy?  Would you be willing to attend a new university if it was free?

For more information about the program, go to the following links:

UC Irvine School of Law 

Prospective students 

Apply Now

Costs & Financial Aid

Discussion with undergrads about the new law school

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  1. Thanks for sharing this new idea law school. -RFW

  2. Thanks for sharing your work with us! Your theme is just awesome!

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