International High School Musical

One of the more interesting side effects of motherhood is the change in my musical selection.   The shift from Linkin Park to Sesame Street has been quite drastic.  =)

I’m now trying to expose Andre to different genres.. from Sesame Street / Barney to Soft Rock to Classical / World music.  At some point, he also knew some of less risque songs of Avenue Q.  =)

He is still drawn to a catchy beat, preferably something to which he can dance up a storm.  His most recent obsession is High School Musical.  The franchise is as popular in other countries as it is in the United States.  The second installment may not be as good as the first one but it does have a great soundtrack.

I came across this video featuring all the versions of the HSM2 songs across the world.  Watch it and tell me your favorite “Around the World” Song.  I love Willy Denzy’s “Bet On It“.  Bollywood’s treatment of All For One comes a close second.  =)

High School Musical on Ice


Still stuck on High School Musical?  We are.

Seen it on TV?  Check!  Seen it on stage?  Check!

Wish you could see the magic come to life on ice?  Of course!

If you had a chance to watch the latest Disney on Ice at the Araneta Center,  you might have heard the announcement that Feld Entertainment will be bringing High School Musical the Ice Tour to the Philippines.   Stay tuned to for more details.

Below is a youtube clip of the ice cast auditions.

Relive the magic of Sesame Street


Forget Barney.  I’m a Sesame Street kid and proud of it. =)  Whether it’s learning letters and numbers or tackling more challenging topics like conflict resolution and healthy eating, the friendly, furry Sesame Street characters have been there to lend a hand.   If you are like me,  you probably still remember some of your favorites.  My fondest memories were of Guy Smiley (who could forget his version of “Sunny Day”).  The great news is that the Sesame Workshop is posting some of its classic skits online for both parents and kids to enjoy.Watch some of these clips now!  Go to the below link:

Best AI moment

People audition in American Idol for various reason… some because they really truly believe that they have the talent, some because they want to get their 15 seconds of fame, and others because they simply need to. Sherman Pore’s audition for me, is the most heartfelt and moving of them all.

Life Makeover

Thought for Today
“I believe the only reason we’re here is to find out what we love…and get about the business of living it!”


It’s always good to start the New Year with a do-over. Love her or hate her, you have to give credit to Oprah for discovering people who empower others, whether it be a a great fitness trainer, yummy interior decorator or introspective life coach. There was an Oprah show recently which talked about the Lifestyle Makeover: How to Find Your Passion. The catchphrase was “Uncover your true passion — and find real happiness. Here are some steps provided by Cheryl Robertson:1. Get Quiet. This means slowing down, spending time with yourself, taking good care of your body and mind, nurturing your spirit, and engaging in activities that will move you out of your head and into your body.

2. Become sensitive to your environment. Spend one week paying close attention to what excites you, touches you, inspires you to think in a whole new way, or even frustrates you. Watch for clues. Stories in newspapers, programs on television or conversations with friends may give you an indication of those things that will lead you to your passions. Write about your discoveries.

3. Ask yourself:
– What interest, passion or desire are you most afraid of admitting to yourself and others?
– What do you love about yourself?
– Who do you know that’s doing something you’d like to do? Describe yourself doing it.
– How could you make the world a better place for yourself and others?
– What’s stopping you from moving forward with exploring your passion?

4. Take a risk. Stop thinking about your passions and start doing something. Take a risk, and step out to try something new. By challenging your fear with action, you’ll not only raise your self-esteem, you’ll expand your comfort zone.