Moving? Get a Mover!

Recent events in our professional lives have lead me to thinking about physical relocation and the inordinant amount of stress it generates.  Aside from the uncertainty about any move – how do we get jobs/schools,  will our kids adjust to the change etc… there is the added concern about packing and unpacking one’s belongings.  Can I really trust someone to pack my grandmother’s china with the same kind of care I would give?  At the same time,  we neither want the additional stress of physically driving all our belongings to their destination nor do we have a great deal of stuff which we want to drag across the country. 

Thank goodness for service providers like UHaul which help demystify and destress the moving process.   They help customers avoid the high prices of full-service movers and/or the hassles of truck rental while at the same time providing guaranteed delivery and expedited transit services.  Backed by ABF Frieght System Inc, one of the USA’s largest less-than-truckload freight carriers,  U-Pack’s moving services is able to leverage on the efficiencies of scale by enabling customers to pay only for the space they use.

UPack’s Mantra?  You Pack.  We Drive.  You Save.  Enough said.  =) 

Motherhood has a very humanizing effect. Everything gets reduced to essentials. ~Meryl Streep

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