Saving Money? Here are some tips


The path to Frugal Living can be lonely if you’re doing it on your own.  The key to success is surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who will provide the little extra push to get the ball rolling.    One of my favorites is Dawn and her blog Frugal for Life.  

She recently came out with her BIG list of tips to save money.  While some may not be doable in the Philippine setting,  there any many more which made me go… OO nga ‘no??!!!  

  • When you go out to eat,  order water.  It’s free AND it’s healthy.
  • Take your dinner from the night before to lunch the next day.
  • Be obsessive compulsive and keep lists.  Don’t buy on impulse.  Planning ahead is your biggest money saver.
  • Save those newspapers, plastics and soda cans.  Your junk can be turned to cash.
  • Stay at home more by taking on a hobby or project (hmmm.. transition from paper scrapbooks to escrapbooks). 
  • Learn to sew (alteration costs can add up).
  • Spread the word when you are in need of a particular item.  Someone might actually have one handy to lend / give to you.  Or at the very least  tell you where to get it a good price.  =)

2 Responses

  1. What are some other ideas that you would have to add to this… ones that would be specific to your area even?

  2. The Christmas season in the Philippines starts in “ber” months, i.e. as early as Sept 1, you’ll be hearing Christmas songs on the radio. The tendency of many is to spend the entire Xmas bonus of Christmas on shopping for presents. Latte factor? Nah… here it’s the Gift factor. My tipid tips:

    1. Make a list as early as January of the people you’ll be giving gifts to in Dec. Start weeding through the list.
    2. Make a “gift budget” for birthdays and Christmas. Just an exercise, list how much you spent the previous year. You may be shocked at how much the last minute panic shopping can add up.
    3. Throughout the year, keep a look-out for sales and other promos. Just make sure you have enough storage space. Also, make sure that the expiry dates are still current.
    4. Handmade and personalized may also turn out to be cheaper. Take pictures of your loved ones throughout the year and gift them with a collage, montage at the end of the year. =)

    Year-Round Gift Factor
    For young parents, our children’s busy social calendar (sometimes 2-3 parties a day) can translate into added unforseen expenses. Have a ready stock of generic bday gifts so you won’t be rushing to the nearest Toy Kingdom and panic buy.

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